V450: Cities & Urban Planning Research Guide

About This V450 Guide

Welcome! This guide will introduce you to research sources that are useful for your V450 assignments. In addition, there are tips on how to effectively search these sources to find the most appropriate information, evaluate what you find, and cite what is used.

Navigate this guide using the links below or the tabs at the top.

How Libraries Can Help

High-quality research is essential in V450 because it:

  • Assists in good decision-making
  • Facilitates the discovery of new ideas and solutions
  • Helps establish YOUR credibility
  • Gives confidence when making presentations
  • Supports your knowledge of the subject/topic


Librarians can help you thoughout your research process as you:

  • Identify and narrow a search topic
  • Locate appropriate sources, data, and statistics
  • Evaluate sources for relevance and credibility
  • Cite sources

Need Help?

Chat with experts who can answer your library and research questions.

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