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This guide will help you with your International Fashion research.

APA Citation

Citing Business Sources

Standard APA guides will help with articles and other standard sources. However, some common business resources require unique formatting to write adequate citations.

Example format for a report, etc. from a source like Mintel:

Publisher/Database as author. (Publication date). Title of report. Retrieved from URL

For a report from Mintel, the author would be Mintel. You can find the publication date on the report home page, and it should be in the standard APA format: (Year, Month). The URL would be the main one for the resource, so for Mintel, it is http://academic.mintel.com

This format should work for citing most non-article, business sources, but it will have to be adapted. Just interpret the guidelines with your best judgement and be consistent.

For more help, the following guides provide additional examples and tips.


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