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Kristina Keogh
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This guide will help you with your artist research.

Browsing Contemporary Art

Try browsing (in the Reference, Oversize, and Stacks sections) the N500's to N6000's.

This area includes:

  • Major biennial/triennial exhibition catalogs -e.g. Whitney Biennial, Documenta, Venice Biennial (Biennale di Venezia), Carnegie International…
  • Contemporary or modern art history surveys
  • Subject-specific surveys
  • Selected major gallery or museum catalogs

Browsing Art

Books in Fine Arts Library are filed using the Library of Congress system which groups books into subject areas. Some of the broad Fine Arts subject areas begin with the following call numbers:

N - Visual Arts

NA - Architecture

NB - Sculpture

NC - Drawing. Design. Illustration.

ND - Painting

NE - Print Media

NK - Decorative Arts

NX - Arts in General

TR - Photography

TT - Handicrafts. Arts and Crafts.

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